Premium Wallets by RIOS1931


Premium Wallets by RIOS1931 are now discounted for Father’s Day. These beautiful wallets are available in your choice of Genuine Alligator, Shell Cordovan, or Vintage Leather. Each wallet is 100% handmade and features precise hand stitching (saddler’s seam).

Specifications: Wallets measure L 4.25″ x  H 3.25″ and feature (1) Large Center Pocket and (5) Credit Card Slots.



New Straps for Breitling. is excited to introduce a new line of RIOS1931 Genuine Vintage Leather Watch Straps for Breitling. These beautiful straps are available in a variety of colors including Sand, Beige, Distressed Olive, Burnt Maroon, and our top selling Burnt Chestnut.

In addition to these great new items, we have redesigned our Straps for Breitling page (making it easier than ever to find the perfect strap!). Click here to stop by today and browse our entire collection of straps & buckles for Breitling!

Burnt Chestnut Vintage Watch Straps

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This week, Panatime introduced a new line of RIOS1931 Genuine Vintage Leather Watch Straps! Each of these straps is carefully crafted by the RIOS1931 watch strap factory located in Germany. This post highlights the new RIOS1931 for Panatime Burnt Chestnut Vintage Leather Watch Strap, a classic brown strap with burnt accents and a moderately distressed tone. The contrast stitching compliments the leather’s grain and draws attention to the darkened edging. The RIOS1931 Burnt Chestnut Straps are available with a Stainless Steel Pre-v Screw-In Buckle or cut to fit the Panerai Style Deployant Buckle. 

The RIOS1931 for Panatime Burnt Chestnut Vintage Leather Watch Strap is available in the following sizes:

With Pre-v Buckle: 22mm 22mm XL 24mm 24mm XL

For Panerai Style Deploy: 22mm 22mm XL 24mm 24mm XL

Genuine Hornback Alligator Straps


Genuine Hornback Alligator watch straps are now in stock! These beautiful straps are constructed from premium genuine alligator skins and are available in a variety of sizes and colors! Every Hornback strap features multiple “horns” (elevations on the surface) that are sure to bestow upon the wearer a sense of ruggedness and adventure.

Our Genuine Hornback Straps are available at in the following sizes and colors:

Black with White Stitching:

20mm 20mm XL 22mm 22mm XL 24mm 24mm XL 26mm 26mm XL

Dark Brown with Match Stitching:

20mm 20mm XL 22mm 22mm XL 24mm 24mmXL 26mm 26mm XL

Cognac with White Stitching:

20mm 20mm XL 22mm 22mm XL 24mm 24mm XL 26mm 26mm XL

Cognac with Match Stitching:

20mm 20mm XL 22mm 22mm XL 24mm XL 26mm 26mm XL

Navy with White Stitching:

20mm 20mm XL 22mm 22mm XL


Selecting the Perfect Size


If it’s your first time purchasing a watch strap, chances are you’ve never had to deal with sizing issues. At first, selecting the right size strap may seem complicated and frustrating. But fear not, selecting the perfect size strap is quick and easy!

The Metric System: At this point, it is important to note that all units of measurement are listed in Millimeters (unless otherwise specified). Why, you ask? Because all watches are built to different specifications and the space between lugs can vary by as little as 1mm. For this reason, it is important to be as precise and accurate as possible.

What are all these numbers? Before purchasing a watch strap, you will need to know your watch’s lug size and the approximate circumference of your wrist. At, every items title ends in two sets of numbers.

  • If you look at the above image, you will notice the first set of numbers highlighted in green. The first number (in millimeters of course!) represents the width of the strap where it will attach to the lugs, followed by the second number that indicates the width of the strap at the buckle. So our example straps measures 24mm at the lug and tapers to 22mm at the buckle. 
  • The next and final set of numbers can be seen highlighted in yellow. These numbers indicate the lengths of both individual sides of the watch band’s two pieces. The first number, represents the length of the longer side of the strap (the side without the buckle), and the second number represents the shorter side (the side with the buckle). So our example straps measure 114 millimeters x 82 millimeters.

Why does buckle size matter? If you are purchasing a strap that includes a buckle, you may not think twice about whether your strap tapers from lug to buckle. However, if you plan to purchase a deploy buckle, or swap out the buckle (for a different style or finish), it is important that you verify the buckle size matches the width of the strap at the buckle end. For example, if you plan on purchasing a deploy buckle to install on a strap shown above, you must purchase a 22mm buckle. 

A Final Note: We understand that mistakes happen. That’s why offers a guaranteed no-hassle, industry leading return policy. If you make a mistake, contact us. We are here to assist you every step of the way and look forward to helping you select the perfect strap.


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Dear Panatime Customers & Fellow Watch Enthusiasts,

Our Panatime team is extremely excited to announce the launch of this page – the first ever Blog! We look forward to sharing awesome product photos, information on current sales & offers, reviews of popular watch bands, and engaging with our customers. We hope you will continue to visit this blog in the coming days/weeks as it becomes filled with all things Watchbands! 

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